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A Brief Introduction January 17, 2010

Posted by Narinder in Sales Compensation Systems.
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I have been thinking for quite a while of having a tech journal to blurt out all tech things that come to my mind. Finally I sat down and decided to finally get the ball rolling.

A few things about me which really aren’t that relevant to the things I am going to discuss here but a little background helps.

I have been in software industry for over 10 years now. Last 9 years have mainly been as a Java engineer working on Variable Sales Compensation Systems. I have been working on pretty much all the tiers involved in the solution i.e. J2EE middle tier with Swing front end and a distributed compensation processing engine that runs in two tier fashion.  I love solving complex computational problems that require analytical thinking and aren’t solved by any libraries or open source systems out there.  I also love the challenge of  “optimization” of business systems.  It motivates you to look under the hood whether it is about tuning Java JVMs for the processing engine or finding performance hot spots in your own code.

Variable Sales Comp is a wide domain and it takes years of industry experience to understand the complexities and the challenges that remain out there. With a wide spectrum of business needs, no single, out of the box solution really satisfies all the requirements. Where large business organizations have diverse set of  compensation scenarios, small businesses have very limited needs and they want to get their comp running in weeks not months.  How do you cater to both very important categories of your customers. How do you keep your solution largely flexible and extensible and yet have it a simple front end so that SMB customers can work through their needs without having to cough up high consulting fees to get their comp plans in place and then maintainable.

So my goal will be to keep both the technical and business thoughts flowing on this blog although being a technical person, my views on technology are going to out ratio the ones on business side of things. It is however, in my mind, extremely important to talk about technology in the context of some business problem, because I am not a researcher or a purist.

To know more about me,  you can visit my LinkedIn profile here.

You can also learn more about my employer at www.callidussoftware.com, the leading Sales Compensation solution provider with their flag ship product TrueComp.



1. Sujith Themath - March 28, 2010

Waiting to here your thoughts about how to cater for both diverse and complex requirements of large businesses and smaller requirement of small and medium business(SMB).

I have a question on this same topic, in general, are the requirements of SMB a subset of the bigger requirement of large businesses? Can a complex compensation scenario be achieved by aggregating two or more simpler compensation scenario? Does this problem go more than the problem of breaking a big solution into smaller solutions?

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